Reflexology for Natural Health Wincobank, Sheffield

A Typical Reflexology Treatment

Your first treatment will start with a free 15 minute consultation with discussion about your medical history, general lifestyle and presenting issues.

As already mentioned reflexology works on the feet, so you are able to remain clothed throughout the treatment. You will be seated in a reclining chair supported by cushions and covered with a blanket for your comfort. A typical treatment lasts 1 hour and begins with gentle stretching and relaxing techniques on the feet, followed by precise thumb and finger walking on the top and bottom of both feet. Firm pressure is used therefore the treatment is not usually ticklish.

If a particular area is out of balance the corresponding reflex on the foot may be tender, this will be discussed during the treatment and the pressure adapted to your particular needs, paying more attention to some reflexes and being more gentle with others.

Reflexology also works on the meridian system. The meridians are energy pathways in the body and some of these pathways finish on the feet so reflexology naturally works on the meridian system whilst also working on the reflexes. I like to work all the reflexes of each foot then specifically work on the meridians on both feet, this can feel deeply relaxing.

It is recommended that people have 4-10 treatments starting with weekly appointments and eventually changing to monthly maintenance treatments. Progress and benefits of the reflexology will be monitored and discussed at each treatment.

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